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Natural parenting and cloth diapering supplies

Lanolin Wool Wash Soap BarsTidbit® offers handmade natural herbal soaps, including Lanolin Wool Wash Soap Bars to care for your precious woolens. Lanolin isn’t just good to help rejuvenate the breast health of nursing mothers, it’s also good for extending the longevity and efficiency of your wool diaper covers. Read more about our wool diaper cover & soaker care.

 2 Size Organic Cotton Fitted Cloth Diapers

We are proud to offer our latest design! A 2-Size Organic Cotton Fitted Cloth Diaper ~ an economical alternative to buying several different sizes. The diapers are designed to fit most babies from birth through potty training ~ in only 2 Sizes!
Take a Look at Cloth
There really is no comparison when it comes to the health and comfort of your baby. Choosing Tidbit® organic cloth diapers means you’re choosing to wrap your baby’s bottom in chemical-free, all natural, 100% organic fabrics. Cloth diapers are reusable and baby & earth friendly. 

              Organic Cloth Potty Training Pants             Natural & Organic Cloth Diapers

Believe it or not, cloth diapers are a renewed revolution for more natural parenting. No more sharp pins, thin cloth diaper squares or smelly plastic pants! Instead, Tidbit® has perfected cloth diapers into supersoft, wonderfully absorbent diapers and Merino wool diaper covers & soakers.

Undeniable absorbency, without chemicals
Tidbit®'s organic cloth diapers and wool diaper covers are comfortable, naturally absorbent, and together make a highly absorbent, breathable diaper ~ naturally!           

Take a peek at our organic fitted cloth diapers, organic prefold diapers, potty training pants, doublers & silk liners, and stylish hand-dyed wool soaker shorts, to see how versatile cloth diapering can be. Our cotton diapers and wool diaper covers are: 
·        Made in the USA
·        Breathable - less, if any, diaper rash
·        Super absorbent
·        Soft, not scratchy
·        Slightly stretchable for a perfectly trim and comfortable fit
·        Washable ~ Re-Usable
·        Chemical free

Tidbit® Cares About Your Cloth Diapering Success!
If you’ve never used cloth diapers before, you probably have many questions. Please know that we are here for you, from helping you choose the best Tidbit® diapers for your baby, to cloth diaper laundering, diaper care questions and more. Please let us know how we can help. Tidbit® is a WAHM company with years of experience in how to use cloth diapers, and your best resource for a very happy diapering experience!

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